Track Cat is all about keeping our athletes on Track towards attacking their goals!

  1. Runners may envision an oval track when they hear that word but did you know our head of Technical Support, Nick loves to “track” his car? Yes, we mean racing cars. While Nick likes to launch himself around the “track” pushing 480 HP behind the wheel of a steel race machine most of us enjoy our carbon fiber vehicles and measure our power in watts per kilogram.  At Ever Racing we accelerate the progress of our athletes, allow them to race full throttle and keep their training right on track!
  2. To “cat up” is a cycling term for progressing to a faster category of racing.  We are addicted to progress at Track Cat and we love taking athletes to new levels of fitness.
  3. Many athletes know that Coach Kelly has an affinity for great cats.  There are the “lucky” cheetah print pants she insists on wearing to almost every packet pick up.  She has animal print bar end tape on her TT bike, a somewhat obnoxious great cat T-shirt collection and she has had a tiger towel in transition since her very first triathlon.  Yes, we can mock her a little for these things. There is also her establishment of the annual “Shining Tiger Awards for Dedication to Triathlon” #shiningtiger awarded each year by the community to individuals that embody the pure heart and spirit of endurance sports.
  4. Great cats are powerful & fierce yet playful.  In fact, the claw marks in the Track Cat logo symbolize those attributes as well as represent our passion for the three disciplines of triathlon.  A tiger can swim & pounce and is strong enough to tear things apart but also knows how to play. To avoid sounding like a wildlife fund commercial about majestic lions, quick cheetahs & powerful jaguars rather than a triathlon post let’s move on.
  5. Those are great reasons behind our name but the most important reason of all is the real Track Cat.  This little guy might not be a “great” cat by genus but there sure isn’t anything mediocre about him.  He embodies our goals of inclusivity, consistency and genuine support. When Coach Kelly was preparing for a half marathon she made weekly trips to a local track.  Each week regardless of weather conditions this animal would consistently greet her as she arrived to warm up on “his” track and then he would observe her run session with an oddly high level of interest for a cat.  After each run he was there for moral support on off days or to celebrate mini run victories.

One day, she posted his photo on social media and the response was unexpectedly animated.  Hundreds of athletes from the local running community knew Track Cat.  Track Cat had “been there” for them too.  This cat had welcomed and supported athletes from all ability levels and ages.  If you were on his track, you were one of his people.  Inclusivity is something we love about endurance sports and we want our athletes to be ambassadors for such positive ideals. Therefore it was a no brainer for us to name our company after one of the best supporters in the endurance sports community, the Track Cat.