Get Ready for Ever Racing.

We give our best so you can achieve yours.

Ever Racing is here for endurance sports athletes who are motivated to achieve big goals and are looking for a close working relationship with a proficient coach who will leverage your strengths and fortify your limiters to make you the best athlete version of yourself that you want to become.

Ever Racing knows that the positives gained from competing in endurance sports and working with a coach will always be with you.  Skills, lessons and character development permeate into all aspects of a fulfilled athlete’s life and therefore we are “Ever” racing.

At Ever Racing we know what it takes to create an partnership and program of success for motivated athletes.  

We take endurance sports athletes to new levels of performance in sport with our knowledge and our dedication to an unparalleled level of  relationship driven, individual focused, evidenced based coaching.

Our passion for helping athletes get the results and our focus on integrating sports into life has been a catalyst for breakthrough performances from experienced podium contenders, world championship qualifiers to first time Ironman finishers.

Ever Racing athletes enjoy a close relationship with a coach who knows how to help you achieve your goals and has the ability and desire to make that happen.   The process is enjoyable and rewarding for both involved in your athlete “project you.” 

Head Coach Kelly Hadiaris

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