“Coach Kelly really pushes to get the best you that’s possible.  Completely transformed me from a middle of the pack athlete to one who contends for podiums. Best season from top to bottom that I’ve ever had, Coach Kelly put me on the path to meet and exceed my goals for the year. 2nd place age group and 1st overall!!! Couldn’t ask for a better athlete/coach relationship,  living in Alaska; I’ve felt like Coach Kelly was right here with me to give me the extra nudge or boost of confidence that was needed.”

Chase Cameron – Alaska


“I love coach Kelly. When I look in Training Peaks, I never know kind of crazy hard fun workout I might see (one week it was all Tom Cruise inspired another week was safari themed). I know to trust in her & her plan for me. She helped me meet my goal for an early season 10k & then when I switched my focus to the bike she prepared me for a long weekend of riding in the hilly Shenandoah Valley. After 4 long years away from triathlon, she coached me through 3 tris this year & most importantly Kelly helped to rekindle my love of the sport. I’m sure I don’t make it easy for her, I know I don’t always stick to my plan & I might change my goals/plans unexpectedly, but Kelly rolls with it. My work & personal life can be stressful & cause me to have to change paths. Kelly doesn’t make me feel guilty, instead she offers her understanding & gives me alternative ways to get in the workout when I’m short on time. This year has been an amazing year under coach Kelly. I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings.”

Holly McFeely – Virginia


“As an enthusiastic recreational cyclist, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and complete a century ride. Coach Kelly provided support and a training plan. I battled 100% humidity, 25+mph crosswinds, getting dropped (when the “slow” group decided to suddenly take off at 35mph) and I even changed a flat tire with complete confidence. I was the only one from my company cycling group to complete the century we all started. I did that because of all the preparation, guidance and education provided by Coach Kelly and Ever Racing.”

Angela Krainis – Grand Cayman Islands


“I was coming back from having a baby a year ago and working a job that kept me busy and on my feet with an unpredictable schedule. The coaching support & structure from Kelly really helped to keep me accountable to someone who cared! She even had me motivated to do hill work when I really did not want to do it. I surprised myself doing some of the workouts. I didn’t think I could go that fast but it was eye opening. You can train someone to be an athlete but you can’t train them to have heart. As a trainer you can find that heart & exemplify it to make it shine. That is what Kelly did with me this season. I completed the Beach to Beacon 10K right on my goal of 50 minutes.”

Stephanie Babcock – Maine


“I guess a big part of it is how you believe in me. I’m so happy with my swim Kelly and that is all your training. You had me focused on cycling more than I would have and it paid off… Sincerely, you are the best coach. I can’t thank you enough. I’m on cloud nine right now.”

Catherine Hanson – Virginia