After cycling 90 miles then running 7 on Saturday then doing the TG open water swim practice at Lake Anna on Sunday, I am feeling confident. I can not believe what I am able to do! This is incredible. If someone had told me last year at this time that I’d by cycling 90 miles followed by a run, I am not sure I would have believed it. Last year at this time, I was worried about my ability to complete my first Olympic distance triathlon. Sometimes these workout milestones are just as rewarding at the races themselves. Granted, during these training sessions, there’s no crowd support and no finish line, but there’s still that glorious feeling of accomplishment which makes all the sacrifices along the way seem worthwhile.

There are just four days left until the half ironman. I don’t feel too nervous about it yet. I do hope I can go faster than I did at the Kinetic half, but we are not even tapering for this race. It is just a “workout” for us so I shouldn’t be focusing on time as much as practicing nutrition and mental toughness skills.
My first goal is not to mentally break down at the start. I think I was hyperventilating and actually crying big ridiculous tears and begging Nick to take me home 5 minutes before the Kinetic started and it really slowed down my swim and threw off my focus for part of the bike as well. I generally stay happy and excited until just before the start of any race, and then cave in to total anxiety. Now, I need to anticipate all of that nervous, anxious energy and then channel it to help me go faster and stronger, rather than let it overcome me. If I do cry with in 5 minutes of the start, I’m banning chocolate from myself until after the Aqua Velo, at which time, I’ll have another opportunity to not cry at a race start. If I cry at the start of the Aqua Velo AND Patriots…I can’t have chocolate until after IMFL! If that is not motivation to keep my cool, I don’t know WHAT will work.