This week I had a bike fit.  I’ve been eying race wheels and all sorts of gadgets…but more important is having a bike that fits like a glove and slices through the air while you can continue to produce watts!  My bike position was really not very aero.  I  had totally outgrown it.  I saw a race picture and I looked like a total newbie.  That makes sense since the fit was from my newbie days.  My bike fitter spent about two hours with me.  It was like the eye doctor, “Is this better”…. slight change… “Or this?”  It was actually hard to get in tune with it at first but he was extremely patient with me until we figured it out.  He spent a lot of time talking to me about hip angle, drop, stack and reach, how freakishly long my upper arms are… which I guess I’m taking as a compliment.  The guy was really geeking out about the bike fit.  I could tell he was really passionate about bike fitting which was very cool.  I really enjoyed the process and think he was extremely detailed and informative.  I also loved his dry sense of humor.  You have to really trust your bike fitter and he earned mine!  I’m very excited to get used to this more areodynamic position and watch my speedometer numbers improve.