I’m no natural triathlete AT ALL but I made USAT All American for the very first time.  I still see myself as the back/mid packer 7 hour 70.3 gal who vowed to “see a AG podium and PR all distances” after a bike wreck.  Despite facts, I’m surprised by results.  Unless pushed externally, I tend to lowball my short term sights as I dream of “one day.”  me: Nick, I ranked right up there with all those fast women!”  “you ARE one!”  Me: “Well, yeah…but not really.”   Despite the annoying midpoint average VO2 Max, klutzy moves, bleeding heart & emotional nature…there I am.   Exciting!  Confidence is coming around a little.  I see it in writing & still have to convince myself to believe it.  I appreciate the journey of obstacles and work.  Aim for the stars, reach the stars, dance on the stars!  Then, shoot for the next galaxy!  A tiny confidence boost in my ability to maybe qualify for Kona within my 5 (now 4) year vision… maybe a lot sooner!