Last week I found out some exciting news.   I have become part of a team of inspiring, tough and completely cool women as a Brand Ambassador for Coeur Sports, a recently launched women’s endurance clothing company.    The line is fashion forward and gorgeous but more importantly, I immediately recognized that this is a brand representing high ideals, positive support to athletes of all levels and they understand putting your heart into doing what it takes to push past limits and accomplish your dreams.  I was very compelled to join this group.  Coeur is a company of character with gorgeous and comfortable products. 

How did this happen?   Well,  I read about them in an article reviewing products from Interbike (where the company was launched) and I took a closer look.  I have always said that clothing could be an exciting part of the triathlon journey, not a dreadful distraction in a race. (Chafing, tugging, puffing, muffin tops are NOT motivating).  I’ve always been the athlete getting my standard issue team kit tailored and pushing for “higher quality” brands on sports teams I’ve been affiliated with.   When I first I discovered Coeur Sports I was personally drawn to the fun and striking patterns combined with an emphasis on comfort and functionality.   I’m in a constant quest to find the perfect functional apparel for training and racing…. and Coeur is making it.  
The Coeur website states:

“With Coeur, my mission is to make the best looking, best fitting, most functional and most comfortable clothing in the marketplace for female endurance athletes.”

However, I was drawn to and sought out Coeur’s brand ambassador team primarily because I found that I believe in the values of the company.  

It is so much more than their stunning clothing line.  I never thought I’d become an official brand ambassador for any company, but I really wanted to be a part of the Coeur community because the passion, drive and heart driving this brand is special and inspiring.  (The clothes are wonderful too, of course!) 
I saw that Coeur embraces a values driven vision and attitude that is rare to find and beautiful to see in action.

Coeur is the French word for heart and the root word for courage.   This compƒany understands that heart and courage is what athletes pour into our sports as we chase our dreams.  I could tell immediately that Coeur recognizes the way endurance sports bring out the best in us both on and off the race course.   Coeur truly values excellence in what they offer and in giving back to the world by empowering others to become involved in an active lifestyle. 
Coeur is the French word for heart and  that is the perfect name for this company. 
  • Coeur wants to give back to the world in ways that enable everyone to experience the magic that an active lifestyle can do for a person.  1% of all profits are donated to the Challenged Athlete Foundation.  This is an amazing charity that I discovered when meeting a CAF athlete at my very first triathlon. 
  •       Professional triathletes struggle to make a living in the sport alone.  Most balance a full time job while trying to pursue a triathlon career.  Sponsorships for professionals are often products only with some podium placement incentives.   Coeur’s’ professional level of sponsored athletes  receive guaranteed cash.   That is extremely forward thinking and unusual.  Coeur is different.  No, I’m not a professional athlete, but I really care about their situation and therefore I am impressed.  
  • It’s cool that Coeur sponsors every ability level of athlete and seeks to partner with those that embody their principals. 
  •   I’m connecting with some of the other brand ambassadors and discovering a group of women behind the brand with remarkable strength of character, encouraging attitudes and inspiring stories and personalities.   
  • When announcing the brand ambassadors, this is what was posted on their blog.  This says it all.   
“At Coeur, we can all remember when we first started the journey into endurance sports. There were the inevitable failures, feelings of insecurity and points where it would have been easier to stop. For almost all of us, there was someone who provided encouragement at just the right time, to get us over the hump and on our way. It is our dream that everyone who is wearing Coeur will endeavor to be “that person.”
I am thrilled, proud and honored to become a brand amabassador with Coeur Sports.   I put my heart into triathlon and I am so happy to have found a company built upon these ideals.   I feel very grateful to be affiliated with this group and these products and know this will be a meaningful part of my 2014 triathlon adventures!   

As always, stay tuned to hear more as the triathlon  journey continues.