I’m cutting caffeine out of my diet but I’m a real addict.  Coffee makes everything feel better.  I’m going to miss coffee.  I drink 4 cups a day and sometimes more though I do not track it.

Around lunchtime on Friday, I committed to giving it up.  The Tri Coach suggested this and I replied with the shortest email I’ve ever written.  “Ok” and dumped my Starbucks out.  It was supposed to be a gradual taper but I’m  the kind of person who is all in or I’m out.  I didn’t want any willy nilly middle of the way nonsense.  I’m going cold turkey.
Saturday’s ride was tough.  I felt super emotional and deeply sad and I think those feelings were only heightened by my lack of coffee.  I cried in my aerobars for a little while towards the end of the ride.
I spent the day with a bad headache.  I had a decaf Starbucks k cup once I got home from my session but it didn’t alleviate anything.  I couldn’t be productive at all and for me that was frustrating.  The day escaped me.
Sunday I have felt sick all day but I was able to run with a 20mg caffeinated gel.  My mood has stabilized a little but the headache is raging.  Nick drank a coffee in front of me and offered a sip but I’m staying strong.  I’m still very tired but I’ve heard the first 48 hours are the worst.  I’m wondering if I AM actually sick or if it’s just caffeine withdrawal.
Tomorrow will be tough as its back to the office and the routine.
It’s a real eye opener how much I had let coffee control me.  I’m wondering if after imlou I should bother drinking it again.   I might just give it up for a long time.  I don’t enjoy being a junkie in withdrawal.