I decided it would be fun to do the “double” weekend of racing with a sprint and an oly.

The conditions for Colonial Beach were pretty miserable day one as far as setting up and waiting for the start.  It was pouring buckets.

Poor Nick had a rough day of spectating as I splashed around on the swim, bike and the run.  It was a monsoon!
However, I enjoyed it.  The swim was simple, the bike was wild with the rain but mostly flat.  In the run, I remembered that puddle jumping is such fun!  I loved the out and back of the run as I got to see so many of my triathlon pals racing!

I took the Age Group win for the sprint.  We did not stay for awards because Nicks tolerance for this weather had worn thin.   I understood.  He’s done so much for me in my tri adventures as it is.  I always feel badly if I make it to the podium and cannot stay because it really is an honor to be there and the awards are pretty cool but this weekend I had to look out for the happy marriage. : )

Day two however, was a picture perfect race day.  I felt OK during the swim, took a wrong turn in the bike but realized it pretty quickly so the extra mileage was not too bad and was able to run to a podium finish despite fatigue from the day before.  I had to get back to town quickly after the race but it was a great way to spend the morning and most of the weekend at that.
I loved socializing with the other athletes at this race.  We had a great time pushing each other.