It has been a long week. I was so upset about my leg I became oblivious to everything else non-ironman related that needed attention. Well, I’m slowly easing back into running now and at the same time, handling the “everything else.”

Back to running…twice this week I ran on an alter G trainer at the doctor/PT office. It allows you to run at a significantly reduced body weight to reduce the pounding effects of running. This helped me slowly ease back into it. It was incredible!

There is still a dent in my leg, but the Dr. thinks most of the scar tissue is gone from the muscle layer.

Today was my first day on the treadmill… finally. I just did a few 5 minute slow walk-jog intervals but its a good start and if it keeps going well, there will be no reason that I can’t “catch up” on the training plan.
Now, I just need to get back into the habit of training. Getting up at 5am on a Saturday morning is not fun, but riding w/ Stella again will be fantastic!