The indoor bike trainer, is a cyclists (and triathlete’s) training staple.  When the weather or daylight is not in your favor, you can continue an unstoppable approach to training thanks to this useful gadget.  The best part?  You get to use your very own (often beloved) bicycle to keep your position on the bike all dialed in. 

 I’ve only ever owned one trainer, the CycleOps Fluid trainer, although I’ve tried many kinds at various studios or friends houses.  My CycleOps Fluid trainer really just does the trick and performs at a superior level than all the others I’ve seen or used.  I’m not affiliated with CycleOps at all, other than using the trainer relentlessly.  It’s been there for me through healthy breakthrough sessions to injury rehab spins.  For years I’ve ridden it during blizzards, hurricanes and 100 degree days or chilly 3:00 am dark mornings and all conditions in between.  I post because I really do love this trainer and was recently really impressed by the company’s incredible athlete centric policies.

The CycleOps Fluid Trainer:

1.  It is quiet compared to other trainers.  I’ve spent all kinds of time on the trainer this winter and often at wee hours of the morning.  The trainer allows me to quietly watch TV while turning the pedals on the bike without disturbing the sleeping hubby.

2.  It is EXTREMELY EASY to place the bike on the trainer and lock  it down very securely.  It is simple to remove the bike as well once you are done.  You just put your bike’s trainer skewer in one side, line up the other side and push down the lever to lock it in.  SIMPLE is good so I can just focus on my workout.  I’ve messed with other trainers where I become extremely frustrated trying to get the bike all screwed down and get the sliding latches locked into place.  It takes forever, and I’m missing time from my warm up and still not confident the bike will stay put.  Then, once the session is concluded,  I’m begging for help trying to free the bike from the clutches of the complex lock down.  I need things to be both secure AND simple when it comes to trainers.  CycleOps really just does the trick for me.  CycleOps is easy to use.

3.  Their customer service is amazing.  After 4.5 years of constantly riding this trainer (sometimes for an insane mind numbing 4 hours at a time) ultimately it broke down and the fluid began to leak brownish goo all over the place.  Gross!  When I contacted CycleOps about options for rebuilding this, seeking a cheaper (and greener) option than purchasing a whole new trainer they unexpectedly they told me I could send it in and they would replace the damaged product.  I only had to pay for shipping.  This was far above and beyond my expectations.  You never hear about policies like this anymore.  In fact this policy reminds me of LL BEAN which of course being a Mainer left me spoiled with high expectations from their unparalleled customer service.  Cycleops came through. 

Sure enough CycleOps turned around a new trainer and put me back in action before I knew it. 

 I was really impressed.  In fact, my husband and I decided to purchase a new one anyway, for HIS bike so now we have a little cycle ops studio of our own in what used to be our dining room. 

Soon, spring weather will be here and this studio will see less frequent use but I will be grateful to have a safe place to train when the weather gets dicey, even in the summer.