Day 0 Injury & Hopeful Denial Phase
Day1  Ice, ice, ice

Day 2:  A trip to the doctor a diagnosis of a 1st degree hamstring strain and a SECOND DEGREE burn!  I was so obsessed with icing my leg that I now have an ice-pack sized second degree burn on the back of my leg.  She seems more concerned about this burn than she is with the hamstring.  She had her assistant take a picture of it since it is so impressive.  I told her I don’t care about the burn- I’m just worried about the muscle.

She doesn’t want me swimming or cycling because of the burn- until it gets better.  I can’t run because of the hamstring.  I’m just going to take it easy and go back to her office Friday at 10:00 am.  She thinks a first degree hamstring strain should be improved in time for the race.  She says no more NSAIDS since that slows the healing process.  I can’t ice it anymore because of the burn.
She says to try running Friday morning and let her know how that feels.  She knows I’ll just ignore her advice if she tells me not to race- so we are going to decide what I will do on Friday morning.

She was proud of me for coming in so soon after an injury and keeping my calm during the appointment.  I’m really making progress in injury management.

I am also very happy I joined the E group training team.  I know it was the right decision.  I sent my crazy injury plan from the last post to the head coach yesterday.  He offered to help me however he could and suggested some people that could help as well.  He even told me to give him an update every day!  I said, “Isn’t that going to be annoying?”  No, apparantly, when their athletes are injured, they want to hear how they are doing on a daily basis.  That kind of support really means a lot. 

I’m in better spirits.  I really hope the doctor is right.  I really hope this strain improves!  If this annoying burn gets better as well, that would be great.  There are blisters!