Eagleman… I loved it!  It was tough.  Hot.  And felt so good to finish.  I’m so proud.  I worked hard for this.

My swim goal was 36-38… I swam in 34.   I have a bruise from getting kicked, my goggles were kicked to the side, but the swim was fast for me!

My bike goal was under 3 hours.  Coach had told me that wasn’t an aggressive enough goal months ago and he was right.  I did it in 2:47 minutes even though it was like a blow furnace… hot wind.

My run goal was much faster, but this was a very hot race!  I’m proud of my run because it was a consistent pace.  I chose a pace that I felt I could hold, rather than going out too fast and walking the 2nd half.  I will ALWAYS WEAR SOCKS in a half distance going forward.  My blisters are disgusting and really hurt.  Probably dealing with that slowed me down a bit there too.  It wasn’t a PR run for sure, but given the heat and the fact that I did a negative split, I’m happy.

I also met an incredible athlete and we pushed eachother during the 2nd half of the run, working together.  I saw many of my former team mates and Richmond friends out on the course as well.

It was a great day.  I’m very happy.   I really want to write more, and perhaps I will but wanted to at least say something, since my goal was to track my IMWI training and this was a huge part of that!

I REALLY PROVED A LOT TO MYSELF WITH THIS RACE!   I can not believe I did a 2:47 half iron bike split!  I can not believe it!  : )

Best part…after the finish I realized that it was a PR for the distance by over 2 minutes and I’m only going to get faster!

Eagleman draws the most competitive half iron field at least on the east coast of this country- maybe the whole country and I was in the top 20 of my age group.   I’m working my way on up.

I still FEEL like that newbie that wanted to cross her first sprint tri finish line.  I take it just as serious now as I did back then and enjoy it just as much… I just always want to push more and see what else I can do!  : )