I have an ear infection.  After a solid week of training last week including a PR power test, a PR swim test set 200yards/800yards and an amazing run with my heart rate staying in zone 1 but my pace pushing close to last year’s zone 3 pace…. I was feeling happy and high on the endorphin rush.
All that was dashed on Sunday night when my ear began to throb, and then scream and put me into an state of agony.   I tend to be dramatic at times, but this is the worst pain I’ve felt.  Thankfully, I got a zpak today and although it affected my workouts this week, I’m hoping it clears up soon.  The pain is worse than anything I have ever experienced!  This is part of the journey, but not a part I enjoy.
Apparently, you are supposed to use alcohol to dry your ears after swimming and keep the canal healthy.  Perhaps I’ll have to add a shot of rum to my recovery drink…just to hit it from every angle.