Yesterday, despite my attempt to sneak out of practice where I found out we would be learning fast transitions by keeping shoes clipped on the bike- my coaches and team mates pretty much peer pressured me into attempting it.  Well, at this point it doesn’t seem entirely out of the question.  I can hop on that bike barefoot & eventually get my feet in my shoes while the bike is coasting.  I just need to work on speed and confidence.  I also need to figure out how to take my left foot out of my shoe at the end.  It was all pretty overwhelming, but I am glad I tried.  If I am going to improve, I need to stay outside that comfort zone. I’ll entertain the neighbors practicing outside to try it in a race but it won’t be perfected in time for Tidewater.

I’m not sure why I’m so nervous on the bike.  All through school including part of college I was a competition cheerleader.  I was the one at the top of three tiered pyramids, or being tossed up to balance on one person’s hands, performing twisting dismounts and all with a huge smile.  I was fearless, confident and had amazing balance!  Those days are long gone and clearly forgotten, but I need to regain some of that youthful bravery and channel it toward the bike!  I mean… its just a little bike!