My New Year’s resolution was to do at least one group work out per month.  My schedule used to be almost 100% group workouts and I absolutely love the social aspect of the sport.  However, this year my off season was over while others where just heading into theirs since I am targeting an early 70.3 in April.  This means my sessions are generally more focused and longer which makes it hard to coordinate with others.  My non-tri schedule and commute is also more time consuming than in years past.  Therefore, this has been tricky, but so far I’ve made it happen for January and February already!

In January, Nick and I hosted the Endorphin Fitness run and brunch at our house.  Nick is well known for making a delicious breakfast with real bacon, scrambled eggs and pankcakes.  He made a gluten free batch as well.  The roads and trails were icy and snowy that day and temperatures were chilly but we had a great group and a lot of fun!

Today, to check the box for February, I joined the Winter Rider Group hosted by Marv in his Garage.  We call it the GTS (Garage Trainer Series).  This summer, Marv completely remodeled his garage and transformed it into a bike studio.  

With all the snow and icy roads, it was a wonderful option.  Marv’s amazing wife cooked us a breakfast casserole and we recovered with an incredible breakfast.

  I’m loving these group experiences and not just because they involve food.  I would love to do them more often and will when it makes sense for my life balance and training.