The dent is still there, but it appears to be improving. I’m able to do squats with out pain. I can do straight leg raises with only a few slight muscle twitches.

Today, I convinced N to take a ride out to WC from some easy loops outside. He hasn’t been on the bike since last year (totally by choice) and I haven’t been with Stella (my gorgeous bike) since the Powersprint!
We only completed 6 miles, but my legs felt fine. A little fatigued on the injured quad, but nothing serious. Tomorrow I’m going to attempt 25 miles outside w/ my training friends. Lets hope it goes well!
Tonight, I’m swimming in the river with the tri club, as long as the swim isn’t cancelled.
If it goes well, I’ll really have a reason to celebrate on the 4th of July!
If I can catch up on the cycling, I’ll be able to at least compete in the Chesapeake Aqua Velo (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike).
I’m a little more hopeful that I’ll be able to run. I’m not trying for another week, but I’m really hoping I can do it.