This week was incredible for IM training. I napped and ate all day long today in recovery mode, but I am finally am back on track with the rest of the team. The revised plan I came up with and had the TG coaches approve called for me to cycle 25, run 13 on Saturday.

The week was rough…work was overwhelming and busy and Nick has still been with out a vehicle. Also, some of my non-tri friends gave me a really difficult time about my goals, which came as a complete shock. However, after hitting every single scheduled workout except for strength on Thursday (due to a dead car battery) I was ready to meet the girls out in WC for the long Saturday brick. Getting up when it is still dark is a challenge, but I remind myself (out loud) that these are the days that will decide if I become an Ironman.
After a speedy 25 mile warm up on the bike, we proceeded towards our run. The people I’m training with are all incredible people. One unexpected part of my IM experience has been getting to know these team members. We are all so different in age, career, family life etc.. yet we all understand what it takes to train for something like this and the company on these long rides and runs is wonderful.
As we were running our loops, we kept a nice, steady pace and I was feeling strong. Everything was clicking. At mile 13, I decided to keep pushing and I don’t know how it was possible, but I was grinning from mile 13 on… finishing the work out just shy of 16 miles. This puts me on schedule with the rest of my team.
That evening we also had our dinner with the coaches. They gave us a folder full of information about Ironman Nutrition. I’m supposed to consume 300-600 calories per hour on the bike. Yum! Good thing I am in love with food…even if it is “fake food.” I can not wait until our training retreat in October. It sounds like a great way to incorporate some good times into an agonizing, long century ride.
The coaches also reminded us that this is going to be hard. If it wasn’t a challenge, we would not have signed up. That is true. I live to accomplish big goals. This one is just the most unique idea I’ve come up with so far.
On a paranoid note….
Today, my ankle feels funny and is clicking. I’ve been icing it, wearing an Ace bandage, taking advil and and I think (hope) it’s minor. Asics decided to change the lace eyelet location and/or tongue of the shoe when they upgraded my model. This was my first really long run in the new shoes and I really noticed it restricted my ankle movement. I was fighting against the shoe! Nick has re-laced my speed laces for me. I’m water running in the pool tomorrow instead of doing 5 miles and hopefully this will feel better in time for my run on Thursday. If not, I’m just happy its my ankle so I can have Dr. M look at it. He is the best podiatrist ever and if needed I am 100% confident that he will be able to fix it as quick as possible. It can bear weight just fine, and I know I have had a bone spur issue in that ankle, so its likely just in need of some rest.
To end with a positive note… my shin splints from last week are gone!