This message is directed to the other creative idealists out there.  It’s worth it.  Idealism is what makes the world better.  Passion for progress is misunderstood by comfortable people but still worth it.  I made a small impact with my passionate idealism recently.  This mindset can be a flaw when it becomes enabling though.   It is also a flaw to give time to the complacent who will see negativity in the process required to improve.  It can be draining to pour personal energy into the wrong cause but intuition often knows which ones still have hope.  I discovered (again) it is worth it to put oneself out there to be actively, openly idealistic.  It is rewarding for even a small impact or help another.  I normally contain these kinds of “it was worth it” thoughts, but I was dancing on jaded cliffs and now idealism and hope are restored in my heart.  I’d rather have the drama of unlocking growth & change & higher standards than the saddening prison of accepting stagnation or mediocrity.  If you are passionate & idealistic unapologetically go where it takes you.  You’ll change the world and grow personally too.  Life lessons.  We are all still learning every day.