I am going to do another Ironman. Next year. I am still working out the details. CDA? WI? Placid? Canada? B2B? I don’t know!

This season has been amazing. Due to some great coaching and track workouts, I’ve PR’ed on all my running races thus far.
Did my first 5K
PR’ed at Shamrock half by 1o full minutes
PR’ed at the Monument Ave 10K by 15 seconds or so
I am about to do my first ever standalone marathon. I have kept the marathon plans a secret. That was probably not the best idea. My coaches could have really helped me prepare had I fessed up sooner. I know it’s silly to plan a half iron so close to a marathon, but I am ready!
I can not wait for this marathon. I am not nervous. I am looking forward to it!
I love my new training team! It’s new, different, challenging, super organized and exciting.
I can’t do Mooseman- but that’s ok. The new job it worth it.
I’m still not a good cyclist. I’ll work on that later this season.
That is the update.