I went into this afterthought of a race very relaxed.  A significant contrast from last year.  However, maybe I could have used a little bit of last year’s anxiety this time around.  I PR-ed for the course, but only by two minutes.  I should have been more focused.  I did this for fun since Mooseman wound up conflicting with work.  However, next time, I’m going to invest the time and money in a half, it will be a stronger showing.

Swim: Awesome
Bike: Windy and hilly and I was passed a lot.  Poor Stella (the bike)
Run: My legs were tired, so I gave up and chatted with too many people.  At least the pics came out good.

I spent too much time talking with people on the run course and not paying attention to my pace.  This race was for fun… but you know what?  A half ironman needs to be taken more seriously (unless its just a prep for a full iron).  I also got off my bike about 5 times to stretch my hamstring (only one of those times was truly necessary due to a fallen tree).  I’m annoyed that I went so slow.  Nick thinks it is hilarious.  He says every time he saw me, I was running with someone else and chatting… until I saw him and his camera.  He took some amazing pictures by the way- including tons of my EF team mates in action!

Next time:

Follow the training plan I’m paying for-  especially when it is put together by a phenomenal coach
Don’t do a “secret” hilly marathon so close to a half iron
Cycling only once or twice a week won’t make me a better cyclist
I need to practice transitions

And most important:

Have fun and enjoy the race- but go in with a goal.  If I don’t have a goal, I don’t have the pressure and don’t perform to my full potential.