I raced Kinetic with no hamstring issues.  It was great to come back and race and see how far I’ve come in handling pre-race anxiety.  I’ve learned to channel the energy into something useful for the start.  I handled all adversities on the course well- including some serious wind knocking down a tree 5 cars ahead of me and blocking both lanes.  No one was hurt by it- but it certainly presented an obstacle.  Although I did not beat my Patriot’s time, it was a PR for the course.  I’m pretty happy considering the “secret marathon” so close to this race probably took a lot of my energy.  If you think you should keep something secret, maybe… just maybe…it’s not the most brilliant idea.

However, since I had to back out of Mooseman, this was just an afterthought…. a race for “fun.”  I’m glad I did both races, but next time, I’d better pick just one race to focus on and really push myself for that A race.

A full report will follow later.