Lobsterman was in September.  It was the most efficiently organized and well run race I have ever done!  I guess I shouldn’t expect any less than that from Mainers! The course was gorgeous.  I guess I took growing up around there for granted.  Freeport is adorable.

The race was a comedy of errors for me.  Lots of things went wrong, but I stayed strong during the race.  My swim was slower than I wanted it to be and my zipper was stuck on my wetsuit, slowing me down in T1. However, I feel like the bike was a huge success for me.  There was not an inch of flat on that course.  It was constant rollers nonstop and I found it to be incredibly fun!  I was not a “baby” on the steep, fun descents!  At one point, there was a really tricky area with road work at the bottom of a hill.  It was a no-aero zone per the race rules and some dude flies past me (in aero), cuts in front really fast, realizes there was construction, one lane only and pavement turning to dirt at the bottom of a hill and he slammed on his brakes where the pavement ended, nearly causing a multi-bike crash.  Thank goodness for my quick reflexes.  We then immediately climbed from nearly a stop after that fiasco.  If THAT didn’t make me cry, then I think I’ve pretty much mentally recovered from my April wreck.  That near disaster would have caused me to panic, even pre-wreck! 

My back up bike computer got water logged from my aerodrink leaking into it, and my Garmin got all messed up so I wound up racing technology free.  I did not like that.  I actually stopped for a minute on the bike course to try to fix it… as there was no flat space to focus, but when it wouldn’t work, so I gave up.  I would have been faster with my Garmin beeping at me and cheering me along the way like he (errr, it) usually does!

When I came back from the bike, another bike was on my stuff and my shoes were kicked over, which was not making  me happy, but I dealt with it and got ready fast.  My run was slower than I’d like and the race pictures show me staring at my watch longingly, willing it to work again…but I did PR by a lot on a very challenging course, overcame many obstacles and I am happy with it…. except for the getting off the bike part.

The best part was the lobster feast (tickets extra) and the free Gritty’s beer for my family to enjoy!  My whole family (both sisters, parents, husband AND in laws) showed up to cheer me on and enjoy the post race picnic.  This was amazing!  

Doing this course with the fun, hilly bike made me realize I wanted to sign up for IM Wisconsin.  The 12+ hour car ride home with Nick gave me plenty of time to talk him into it.  So, I signed up for IM Mooo…. the Endorphin Fitness team ironman race next year.  The group I will be training with is amazing and I can not wait for the journey to truly begin.

Plus, I liked the challenge of trying to “get in” to that race…. lots of fun with the pressure of registering online.  WI, here we come!