This weekend I rode 70 miles in beautiful, flat Mathews, VA with three others training for IMFL. Nick came along as my support crew which was very much appreciated. Trigirl T was fantastic in planning the event and hosting us at her home on the bay. The training was perfect preparation for IMFL with low traffic, lots of wind and long stretches of flat, smooth roads. I stayed aero almost the entire ride thanks to an improved bike fit. Luckily T (whose cycling has become incredible this year) waited at all the stops so we all stayed together and I didn’t wind up lost in a marsh!

I do really need to work on my mental focus when I become tired towards the end of long rides. I forgot to clip out not once…but twice (at mile 50 and mile 70) resulting in two bloody knees an a bruised ego. I whined a little about not being cut out to ride a bike…to which Trigirl T replied something to the effect of- “you are cut out to ride the bike…as long as you don’t stop!”

The 6 mile run after was hot, hot hot…but that just made our recovery cook out and beach time all the more fabulous.

Today, my right shin feels sore…I hope this is nothing. I wore new shoes yesterday and they felt OK. It started on the drive home. I’ve never had shin pain and they didn’t hurt during the run. Today, I’ll take it easy!