I lost something. Its been with me a long time… and has brought me a lot of joy over the years but suddenly it is gone…. my alcohol tolerance! Since I’ve been drinking more gatorade and recovery chocolate milk, I’m drinking my post work glass of wine less and less. In fact I have probably been sober for months with out realizing it. Friday, I went out for a drink down the street and wound up tipsy off of two beers. This is not good. I had a headache in the morning and skipped my team work out, which I had been looking forward to. Saturday night, I gave it a second shot at a festival, and again, Nick had to drive me home after just a little bit of wine.

I’m supposed to go on a work trip shortly after IMFL that will “require” me to drink. Obviously they can’t make me drink alcohol, but given the culture… it’s going to happen and I’m going to need to be able to handle my liquor for my coworker’s benefit. I’m going to adhere to a strict schedule of drinking at least one drink three times per week. I don’t know how I can have two endurance events that could not be more different…back to back. Train for the IM and build back my tolerance in time for the trip, now there’s a goal!
In other news, I ran TWENTY TWO miles by myself yesterday… after cycling at a leisurely pace for 2 hours. I’m feeling very confident about my running now! My legs feel fine. I’ve made such a comeback.
However, on Wednesday, during my timed 2 mile pool swim, I started experiencing a painful twinge in my shoulder. It only happens when I lift my arm for the recovery phase. I’m thinking its just a shoulder impingement. I was going to go to the doctor and see if I should get a shot…. but it doesn’t feel that bad today. I haven’t tried swimming with it since Wed. I am going to skip all swimming this week until C-Man, where I’ll need to swim 2.4. I hope it goes away! In the meantime, I better replace my swim workouts with beer drinking “training.”