I’ve signed up for Mooseman 70.3 for June 2010.

The lake is supposed to be pristine, the course should be beautiful and I get to race close to my MA/ME/NH friends and family. Perfect. However, the hilly bike course looks scary….er um challenging. The water will be chilly and it sounds a little intimidating after training for warm, flat races through 2009. It’s just what I need. After doing IMFL, I want a goal that won’t take up as much time as IM training, but remains outside my comfort zone to help push and motivate me to train hard.

I also want to run a marathon with out all the swimming and biking first. Running was my favorite part of IMFL. I was hoping for Shamrock in march, but the way my toe is feeling, I’m not sure I’ll have the time. Perhaps I’ll do a fall marathon instead.
Now, if only this toe would heal up. It still hurts and it’s starting to really make me mad. I’ve had enough rest. I want to run. I’m not sure if this medical sandal or wrapping it is helping at all. Wondering if my miracle working podiatrist could have been wrong. He thought I’d be running by Thanksgiving. I think I was still so glowing and happy about IMFL, that I must have somehow miscommunicated how much this toe hurts. Even though I have no short term goals on the horizon, I am still not happy about this silly injury. At all.