I just found out that the Coeur Sports Team has partnered with Osmo Nutrition which I am very excited about because I had already started researching this cool sounding nutrition company that has designed nutrition specifically for women’s bodies and I have only heard positive comments and feedback to date. I am very much in love with their motto, “Women are not small men.”

The formula works with women’s hydration changes in hormones.  There is a period of time when a women’s performance and recovery declines due to hormonal shifts and Osmo is designed to help address some of these issues…things I was not even aware were occurring.

Active hydration has a cool melon flavor that is mild and easy to drink.   It does not have the sugar sickening sweet taste which is great because that is often too much for me when I’m on long rides.  I’m very glad this is mild.  Also, this drink is for hydration purposes and not intended to meet all race day and training caloric needs.  Osmo recommends real food and bars… sometimes  chews.   I’m willing to experiment with this since I have plenty of time before my A race. 

Pre Load Formula is salty but fun!  : )

The Recovery Formula is honey spice flavored.  I have not tried the recovery mix yet but the packaging is beautiful and perfect with instructions to “Relax” written on the label… a little detail I need to take to heart.

Tonight, I am going to use the Pre-load formula and I’ll repeat tomorrow morning just before the test.  It is salty, so I added a hint of lime and threw it in a Margarita glass for a relaxing pre-intensity mocktail while Nick relaxed with a microbrew…hello triathlete and non-tri spouse HAPPY HOUR.  Tomorrow I won’t wake up with headache though…I’ll wake up ready to hopefully crush the power test.   This formula is developed to keep my body’s engine nice and cool (slows the rise in core temperature) helping athletes produce more power.   There are some cool videos on the Osmo website that explain the science behind each formula.  Osmo Nutrition Site