It is almost hard to dare to dream big when I’ve been through so many fitness shattering setbacks but despite bad luck I’m putting my heart out there again because there have also been so very many victories and I’ve somehow managed to push progress in the sport despite all the injury obstacles.  I have worked really hard through this winter and it continues to be a long, cold tough season, especially for Virginia. But (knock on wood) I’m injury free right now and really looking forward to races.

I’ve swam solo in the endless pool…like a treadmill for runners at least once a week.

I’ve sat for 4 hours on my TT bike. 

I’ve gone through hours upon hours of solo water runs.

The pay off?

I am swimming faster than I ever have.

My bike power numbers are higher than anything I’ve ever produced (on my TT bike nonetheless)

There is the running… all that water running and tri specific core/strength training with Camille and Parker has paid off here big time.  Now that intensity is coming back, my running is also faster than ever.  I definitely want all this hard work, sacrifice and commitment to pay off and have the opportunity to for a race result to reflect this fitness that has been gradually, consistently building.  In 2 weeks, I will have that opportunity.

Until then, I just need to relax, stay in one piece and know I am ready.

 I’m dealing with a cold this weekend, but if that is the biggest setback I have, I’m OK with that.  Two weeks until my first tri.