I’ve been training and working so hard that I haven’t had a chance to give an update:
10/16- 10/18- Training weekend with most of the team. Friday night we had lots of delicious pasta, a little bit of wine, and we were in bed by 10pm after helping one girl with a random flat tire. It turns out there was a hole in her actual tire- not just in the tube! After a few flats before ride morning, she switched entire wheels with one of the girls that did IMFL last year. After seeing her issues, I’m bringing my extra 650 wheel to IMFL in case anything like that goes wrong with my race wheel!
Early Saturday, we were setting off to do a century ride- last time I checked the forecast there was a 40% chance of showers and a high of 60, but that was a few days before the weekend.
Well, what we actually had to face was a temperature in the low 40’s with winds of 16-18mph and a torrential downpour. I didn’t even own a rain jacket or pack any warm clothes. I was out in the elements wearing a thin yellow summer windbreaker, a long sleeve shirt, shorts, knee warmers and fleece gloves (which became soaking wet after 15 minutes). I was so cold. Mentally, I tried to stay strong, chatting with team mates, trying to take in the scenery etc..but with in a half hour I couldn’t feel my fingers enough to shift gears or eat any nutrition other than energy drink in my aero bottle. I was terrified about clipping out because I couldn’t feel my feet. It was becoming worried about my fingers, my toes, my health, etc and I think I was right to be concerned. I wish I’d had a warmer layer, gloves that were not fleece and of course a rain jacket. I’ve since purchased all of the above, so this will never happen again!
Four of us turned around early and did almost 45 miles. Most of the group got in 70 miles. Only four brave souls of the group did the full 100 and it took them over 8 hours to do it.
At least I did thaw out back at the cabin and after a half hour, I could feel my feet again. I decided to run 13 miles to make up for the missed cycling. I could not convince anyone else to do that with me. They headed to a restaurant but some were planning to make up the time later in the week which I couldn’t do because of work. I ran down to the ocean and around the park and at least I got in a nice 5 hour work out.
Then next morning was supposed to be an open water swim, but with the winds at 20mph and temperatures in the 4o’s again, no one was up for it.
I feel bad about missing my peak cycling work out and starting to taper with out that training overload. It doesn’t make me happy at all, but I know that I was seriously under-dressed and to continue, for me, could have been really bad for my health. I still wish I’d been able to do it right.
Now, I am tapering. Yesterday, we rode 48 miles and ran 10. The rain held off until after were were off the bikes and done with the run. Pretty easy! Next weekend is a simple cycle 25 run 5. Easy.
If IMFL were tomorrow, I know I could do it!