This year, I’ve run 22 hilly miles in the heat after a night of drinking, fallen off my bike and got back on, fixed flats & dropped chains. I’ve swam in choppy waters with jellyfish, vomited behind a tree and continued running for 8 more miles. I’ve been lost while biking, running and even swimming and always made it back. I once rode long in a cold windy rainstorm severely under-dressed. I swam 3 miles in a pool & another day rode 112 miles and didn’t die of boredom. I’ve come back from my camping injury, and severe plantar fasciitis before that. I didn’t think I could do any of those things, but I did. I’ve managed some serious stress from work and from a family member’s illness. I’ve had hard times and good times. I’ve had help along the way, for which I am grateful. No matter what happens I’m glad I have the health and ability to say that I am ready for IMFL. (Now, would it just hurry up and get here before I catch the swine flue)?!