What on earth is a hair dryer doing in a Triblog? 

 This little machine  is going to free me up to train more and help me on chilly pool sprint race days too!  

Trianing sessions tend to take up a larger chunk of time than I expect.  Looking at a 1 hour swim equates to much more than 60 minutes. It takes time to drive to  the gym and change clothes, say hello to fellow athletes.  Then, of course post swim there’s the long agonizing task of drying my long hair at least to a state where I can show up to an office in a somewhat presentable state of appearance.  Sopping wet strands are just not office appropriate.  I’ve cut many a swim cool down short in the race to transform myself into worker bee mode.  Drying the hair takes forever!  I stand there doing nothing.. Waiting for strands to dry. 

Most travel dryers are also bulky and slow.  Not this one! 

I’ve been through 4 dryers this year.  My stand by was old and died.  I did all the research and bought the T3 Featherweight which was insanely expensive BUT promised time savings and hair health features that I could not turn down.  I loved it until it broke two times and died in my gym bag so I’ve deemed it too delicate to withstand my training travels. 
So, I went back to the online reviews and I’ve located a dryer for $20 price range that is… FAST!
Not only will this help in training time crunches but also on race days.  I recall at Smithfield Tri last spring we ladies warmed up in the pool and subsequently froze and shivered waiting for our seeded times outside with wet hair which made it tough mentally to get going or get back in the pool for the race.  I digress…
Triathletes love FAST!   Here is how I’d describe the dryer:
Time savings advagtage!
1875 watts!
Light weight!  
Enhances Life Balance! (Quick drying)
Up to date  technology… Ionic, ceramic, tourmaline all aid in drying faster and maintaining a healthy glossy look. 
 The only way it would be more appealing to triathletes would be a carbon fiber handle perhaps? 
In my first post-swim-dryer-time/trial this baby dryer had my long locks from post shower quick towel dried (essentially sopping wet) to complete dry in under 6 minutes. Yes, I timed her with my Garmin.  
This was perfect as I was able to stretch and multitask and the hair was dry before I began to get anxious and bored.  
6 minutes is faster than the T3 or any other dryer I have used at the gym by minutes. 

Under 6 minute on long hair!

Also my hair did not get frizzy like it has with some dryers I’ve used at the gym. 

I absolutely love this dryer!   

It’s tiny and folds up.  This is a 20oz water bottle for comparison. 
It’s shorter than my swim goggles. 

A Cool shot button on a travel dryer is unique. The air doesn’t get very cold but it was enough to seal the hair cuticle and reduce frizz.  Yes, this was a great little find. It’s going to be a great season!