I am finally running again. I love running more than almost anything. It clears my mind and helps me figure out solutions to any problem. I only swim and bike so that I can keep on running. Tuesday, I had a bad day…and forced myself to bundle up in a 40 degree rain storm for a group track workout. This was excellent- nice warm up and lots of work on pacing and form. I left the track feeling so incredibly happy. I wish I could run every day…but I’m so injury prone, running is a treat a few times a week. I wish I’d discovered running when I was younger. Maybe I would have been good at it.

I can not wait to run a marathon….with out all the swimming and biking. I wonder how fast I can do it. I’m going to go sign up for the Shamrock Marathon…right now! I was hesitant…because Nick might not be able to go, and it would conflict with my Mooseman training…but a marathon sounds so exciting!