Club Level Program

Only available to experienced athletes due to the self guidance aspects of the program.

  • Training Plans loaded for you in your own Training Peaks log in blocks of 12 weeks targeted towards your choice of base, maintenance or triathlon race distance.
  • With completion of the monthly form workouts are switched in the planned weeks as requested to match your life and schedule. Changes and training log reviews are prompted by athlete’s form every 4 weeks.
  • Coaches can be accessed in the social media group for any questions that fall outside of the monthly form process!
  • Access to a community of like-minded athletes.
  • Self coach mentorship program can be used in conjunction with these plans

$25/week in 12 week blocks

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Top Performance Coaching

Top Performance Program

  • Program tailored to your strengths, goals, limiters, routine & schedule
  • A relationship with a coach who will hold you accountable and guide you to the outcomes you want to achieve!
  • Premium Training Peaks log
  • Plans designed & delivered in 1-4 week blocks
  • Race schedule planning & adjustments as needed
  • Training plan schedule changes weekly as needed
  • Frequent file checks by coach
  • Unlimited email/texting
  • Phone calls as needed- normally 30 min 2x month
  • Both coach & athlete initiated communication
  • Access to coach and community on Facebook Group
  • Individual power training guidance
  • Power, pace and heart rate zones based on field testing
  • Race strategy and race day planning
  • Performance optimizing mental skills building with coach
  • Nutrition and race day fueling guidance
  • Inclusion in social media group
  • Skills, season planning worksheets & resource materials reviewed with coach
  • Post race report & file review
  • 1x year basic video technique analysis by athlete request

No start up fee with a 12 month season commitment

12 Month Commitment

$275 monthly, $230 6 months paid in advance, $215 12 Month paid in advance

6 Month Commitment

$100 Start Up Fee  $295/month $250 6 months paid in advance

$295 monthly

$250 6 months in advance

For more information on any of the service programs offered by Ever Racing contact us here!