This Award generated some questions.  Read about it here and find answers in this post.

Q:  I want this trophy!  How can I get my “paws” on the prize? 
A:  I’m sorry.  If you want this trophy, you cannot have it. You need to find your shine from within.  Once you no longer thirst for the power and prestige of the Shining Tiger Award for Dedication to Triathlon, you will be ready.  At that point you will not need the trophy but it might come to you. 

Q: What obligations contractually or inferred will I have if I am recognized as a Shining Tiger?
A:  There are no strings, cages or catches for the Shining Tiger.  You cannot cage a Shining Tiger.
I hope the Shining Tiger will help me select next year’s winner to expand our pool of athletes but I do not EXPECT anything.  

Q: I’m confused? Which team or club sponsors this award? 
A: The award is not sponsored, promoted or endorsed by any company or formal organization.  It is an award given from the heart.  The light of the Shining Tiger transcends all colors of all jerseys in this sport. 

Q:  I don’t think regular athletes can give out awards. 
A:  Your awareness is incorrect.  There’s a TROPHY.  

Q: Is there an official color for this status?  A diet?  A discount? 
A:  Heck no.  No.  Nobody tells a Shining Tiger what colors to love or what to eat.  There are no discounts or benefits other than the gift of appreciation.  

Q: Will there be a parade?
A:  Really?  A parade?  Everywhere the Shining Tiger goes is a nonstop parade of light, hope and fun.  Nothing official is needed. The Shining Tiger needs no parade.  

Q: I have a few friends in mind who deserve this award. 
A:  Perfect.  Send me the details and the story and we can consider your nomination.  

Q: I’m not sure if my friends will be supportive of the award.  It seems unconventional.  
A: I’m so sorry.  It appears you are a caged Tiger.  Maybe you have friends that can help bring out the light from with in.  Then, with them, it will not matter.  

Q: Will it make me faster if I receive it?
A: The Shining Tiger Award for Dedication to Triathlon is a recognition that comes with a trophy. I believe the inherent values and powerful light of the Shining Tiger makes the athlete faster if that is what the Shining Tiger desires… But the trophy is not magical.