Check out my new shirt.  It is no secret that I’m a “data geek” in triathlon.  I just wrote a blog post all about the Training Peaks Performance Management chart.  You can view it here:


I might as well have fun with my data geek status.  I came up with this catchy phrase last week, “talk data to me” and I almost used it as the title for that last PMC post.  However, I decided to go with a generic title for that post and create a custom shirt with the saying on the front and with my 2014 PMC on the back instead.  I’ve been waiting for my custom design to come back and its finally here. I am really happy with how it turned out.  I’m thinking ALL my seasons will get a t-shirt with a PMC on the back of it.   This is a really fun way to commemorate all of that hard work.  Coming up the with idea for it was fun.  Even better, this is in a wicking material so I can wear it running.


I raced in Mont Tremblant in Quebec three times last year so the motto above my PMC chart is appropriate.  Both the motto for Quebec and the theme for the 70.3 World Championship I participated in last year is “je me souviens.”  That translates to “I remember.”  It’s written on my Worlds medal.  I like that phrase here because this is a “memory” shirt that I think will hold the same magical superpowers of confidence as a race finisher t-shirt.  This shirt is actually even better because it also shows all the hard work in my PMC chart on the back.   The chart shows the dip from the off season and segway to the 2015 climb as a little taste of where I will go in training.  I’m excited by how clearly this photo came out on the fabric.

Also the lettering is pink.  It grew on me as a “fast, fighter color” so I went with it. I’m really happy with my new favorite T-Shirt.

Now, the fun will be wearing this shirt all around as I am building a new season by putting in the work.   Hey, building a more beautiful PMC chart for next year’s T-shirt will be just another strange way to keep myself motivated when things become tough.