Planning out the 2015 season has me really excited.  Laying out a schedule and putting it in writing is that first real step to the incredible adventures ahead. I love dreaming about the races, coming up with goals and thinking about where I will go and who will be on the journey as well.  Planning the trips with Nick is a blast too. I like considering the factors and thinking about what’s in store.  Newness, goals, connecting with other triathletes, planning and potential… These are All amazing things.  

2014 was an exciting breakthrough year but I know 2015 will be even better.  Oh, how I love this sport!  
Plan the schedule, start the beautiful long training build, create goals & then enter the paths to those goals… LOVE it.  
All the possibilities are ahead.   
Then, the hard work & the build.
Sometimes the best moments of the sport aren’t in races but the personal accomplishments in solo training sessions.  
There are also going to be obstacles but I will maneuver through. 
Finally, the excitement of the races will arrive.
It’s like when I used to go surfing.  In 2014 I was riding this amazing wave.  Then, inevitably it was over… in an epic wipe out.  Then, I was just paddling hard to get out back to the line up, beyond the breakers for the calm rest between the next set.  That peace between sets and maybe even resting on the outside…it’s a time to absorb the thrill, celebrating yet also contemplating the lessons and how to be better next time.   Just enjoying the time between sets peacefully out in a blank ocean & thinking of all the potential is bliss.  Yet, I’m actively positioning myself and planning for that next catch… Watching and hoping and knowing it’s going to happen in the next swell.  Then, it’s suddenly there… an amazing offshore set with bigger, more beautiful crests and incredible glossy smooth waves.   I’ll be working hard again soon and plan to be catching an even more beautiful season’s ride….
2015, here’s to an EVEN BETTER ride.  2015 starts now. 
And maybe (spoiler alert) I’ll literally surf with Dad again at Old Orchard Beach…
In Part 2 I’ll share some of my actual race plans & maybe you’ll want to come along too… Party Wave!