That old phrase has been replaced by, “It will be better in 2 weeks.” Yes, any time I go to a doctor with a sports injury, they tell me to come back in two weeks. It drives me nuts because when you return after 2 weeks, they give you another 14 day prediction! I was e-mailing a friend recently about doctor trips and here’s the advice I gave her:

When you go to YOUR appointment here’s what NOT to do…learn from my mistakes! Doctors get annoyed with me and I can’t seem to get along with anyone for the following reasons:

1. They do not like the fact that I should have gone to the emergency room and instead I ignored it and popped a bunch of advil and did a sprint triathlon a week later. If I knew how serious it was, I wouldn’t have done that! Who would think a “bruise” was a big deal?

2. They do not like when you google your condition all weekend and call them up Monday and ask them if they think you have XYZ horror story diagnosis or ABC deadly disease.

3. They don’t like when you say. “Are you just saying two weeks because you actually have no idea and that is the standard timeframe to tell people?”

4. They REALLY do not like when you burst into tears in their office…. especially if you do it every single visit.

5. They do not like when you ask “What will happen if I disregard your advice and decide to go for a run anyway and ignore the pain?”…

6. The do not like when you say: “Hey, how much can I drink when I’m on this medicine? I know it says you can’t drink…but wine doesn’t really count does it? This is just an anti-inflammatory after all!”

I have done all of the above!