I have been struggling with the dreaded Plantar Fasciitis monster since the first week in November.  The frustrating part is that I did not get a PF relapse from over training.  I haven’t had PF since 2008, but again I have also been careful with my foot and never wore heels two days in a row.  This time, I got injured during my rest week… yet again.  I can’t believe I stayed perfectly healthy post wreck only to fall apart in a rest week.  I went wild with the high heels.  Immediately following my B2B half iron race, I forgot all about my sturdy recovery shoes and slipped on a pair of bright red mile high heels with adorable bows on them.  I wore the highest heels I could find every single day for the entire week since I had no work outs to do for a whole week and wasn’t too concerned about recovery from a work out or preparing for the next.  Then, the day after my rest was over, I did a very easy little trail run in old dirty sneakers.  We stopped a lot and did not push the pace, yet the next day, my foot was in agony and it hasn’t been the same since. I went to the podiatrist immediately, and have been nursing it, but I have been out of running pretty much since the first week in November with a few failed attempts to return.  I’m doing pool running, cycling and swimming. Some people run through PF, but the level of pain I’m experiencing is too much, its constant and I risk rupturing it (tearing it in half) if I run on it.

I’m seeing a podiatrist, getting active release therapy, using the strassburg sock, rolling frozen bottles under my foot twice a day (at least) and stretching like a fool.  I don’t ever go bare foot.  I’m desperately hoping I don’t have to bail on my triathlon plans for 2012.  I’ll do aqua bikes and make the best of it, but I know PF could potentially last a long time.  My research shows 3 months to a year (or more!).  Last time, I suffered for a year.  I’m supposed to take it a week at a time, but its hard not having a timeline.  I’m not allowed to even try running until my next dr appt on 1/9, but I supposed that makes sense since I still feel pain when just walking.

Plantar Fascia is the band that runs from the front of your foot to the heel.  It shortens at night and when you step on it in the morning it creates tiny little tears.  The tears become scar tissue and the pattern repeats itself every day in a painful cycle.  Its very difficult to heal since its hard to give your foot the rest it needs, sometimes the pain goes away after it “warms up” so you can’t feel if damage is being done until hours later or even the next day.  Further, there’s little blood flow to the feet so its tough to heel.  I know its common, but it doesn’t take away the frustration.  I’ve already lost miami half marathon and the Shamrock Full.  Those are impossible to build to at this point, even if the pain went away tonight.

Plantar Fasciitis is the worst!  It is unbelievably frustrating.  I’m just focusing on what I can do though!  I can swim and I can bike and I can get my muscles conditioned through strength training and water running.  I still have hope and my fingers are crossed for Eagleman and IM Wisconsin!