Up until a few weeks ago I had a yellow lined ordinary notebook full of bucket list races, random triathlon goals, fun tri related ideas a lot of doodling, maybe some to do lists, checklists and all kinds of dreams.  I would scribble on paper when I was traveling and had time to reflect solo when shut off from the outside world stuck on an airplane.   Recently, I lost this notebook.  Oh, I frantically called around to places I thought I may have left it, then personally visited a few stops but came up empty.  It is so ordinary looking that it may have just been tossed aside.  Or maybe one day I will find it again and be surprised.  When I discovered it went missing, well I was in a bit of a panic, as I loved that notebook and all its content.  The guys at the Endorphin bike shop I called gave me great perspective though.  These guys take care of all my bike needs and are calming influences for things that extend far beyond bike maintenance.  They work with a lot of athletes with dynamic personalities.  I whined, “Are you sure you don’t have it?  All my goals are in there!”   He reminded me my goals are in me not the notebook and to just write new ones.
I’m like, “Oh, what if someone sees it and starts accomplishing my goals with out me?!”   He’s like, “THAT would be awesome.”  haha.  Then, I continue on,   “I feel like a pre-teen who has lost her diary.”  He says, “If we see it.  We’ll let you know…by posting it on the front page of the National Inquirer.”  This gave me a laugh for sure, and put things in perspective.  I sure do miss my ordinary notebook full of extraordinary thoughts (If you find it, please let me know!)

Nonetheless, its time to make new ones and I’ll try to re-create what was in that book on this blog instead.  So, I’ll be sharing these things here… because if someone wants to achieve these things or come up with her/his own right along with me, well  the more the merrier!   That WOULD be awesome.  : )

Since I am currently taking a break from land running due to a my 2nd metatarsal being all stressed out, I’ll go through some run races I think sound really cool.  I know I may not do all of these, but its fun to have a list.

Top 5 Stand alone Races I would love to Run!

1.  Beach to Beacon 10K August
 A scenic, popular and hilly 10K in a gorgeous ocean side southern Maine town.  This race is the work of Joan Benoit Samualson, an inspiring runner and a Maine native.  It once chose STRIVE www.pslstrive.org , one of my favorite nonprofit organizations in Maine as a beneficiary.

2.  Mount Desert Island Marathon or Half
Maine in October
Acadia National Park.  Bar Harbor.  In peak foliage season.

3.  The Boston Marathon
I have always been intrigued by this and especially now, it would be amazing to be part of this race.  As a kid, my friends parents (Shannon down the road and Toby from Mt A) would train like crazy in all weather conditions and I didn’t quite understand the significance of it…but it makes sense now and is inspiring.  It was always run on Patriot’s Day a State holiday in ME and MA.  Now, more than ever, I would be so honored to run this race.  Of course, I’d have to run a qualifying time to get there.  I like to think I could do it if I tried, but would need to stay healthy and work it around my ironman goals, which is more of a priority.  So far, my fastest standalone marathon is slower than my 4:06 PR off the bike.  I guess I could say the 4:06 is my marathon PR.  I’d need to shave over 20 minutes off that time.

4.  The Corning Wineglass Marathon 
My favorite triathlon (Musselman) was in the fingerlakes region of NY so I think I’d love this one.  My neighborhood run club friends do this every year and they love it.  The medals are beautiful and did you see the word…wine!

5.  Big Sur Marathon:   See below!  Enough said.



Myrtle Beach Marathon or Half Marathon
Woodlake Turkey Trot (inspired me to begin running but each year I am out of town or injured)
Disney World!
Surf n’ Santa in Virginia Beach
Maine Marathon
Rock n’ Roll Series- Any
Nike Womens Marathon or Half Marathon
Patrick Henry Half Marathon- hot race in Ashland VA in August- I need to do this some day!
Miami Marathon or Half
Cherry Blossom 10 Miler
Bear Creek 10 Miler
Marine Corps Marathon
Chicago Marathon
Or… A trail run race of any kind
Hampton Rockfest  (Because Nick would like the Smuttynose Brew Sponsor!)
Richmond Turkey Trot
Steamtown Marathon (Its supposed to be SUPER FAST so when I’m ready to BQ- I might look to this course and its supposed to have funny race director emails).
Love Rox, Richmond VA