Great announcement to follow. By great I am talking about something better than Great Cats!

I am introducing…….. The Shining Tiger Award for Dedication to Triathlon

Regardless of individual goals, talents, backgrounds and commitment levels triathletes generally have a shared passion for the sport. This bonds us. The tri community is woven together with the hearts of all the athletes (from newbie to pro) who fell in love with the sport and believe that triathlon matters. Individuals give something of themselves to triathlon which creates a special sense of community. It is not just a hobby. It is a lifestyle for many. One of the best adventures of triathlon is to become connected with caring, passionate, inspiring, unique and fun people.

This sport has some very obvious leaders in it who will stand out as champions for triathlon. It has those who are naturally on that platform because they are semi-tri famous for being fast or they are “in the business” of the sport.

We also have other very special leaders who are simply the unsung heroes of triathlon. These individuals are who I want to highlight. They could be well known or very reserved and under the radar but the common thread is the light they gift our community with the love they hold for the sport. They simply make triathlon a better place. These triathletes embody all the wonderful aspects of the triathlon lifestyle simply by being themselves. They have the honorable inner spark that is bright enough to glow for others.

They are individual thinkers who naturally possess the strength and the courage of a beautiful tiger, each with their own unique stripes.

Some triathletes quietly add to the love of the sport by giving their energy to fight battles no one knows about. They act as ambassadors to triathlon and protect the integrity and honor of our sport. Others boldly share their stories, knowledge and gifts openly so all athletes may benefit. Some put in so much dedication and work that the impact of it inspires us. They are always there to help another athlete. I realized I am surrounded by “shining tigers” whose impact is deep, meaningful and is never limited by politics. These kinds of natural leaders are values driven, caring trustworthy individuals who pull for triathlon out of sheer love for the sport itself. They make it better. They are authentic folks who give us hope and bring out the best in all athletes. I want to recognize this segment of our community. These amazing leaders make our sport better simply by being in it. This realization has led to the creation of “The Shining Tiger Award for Dedication to Triathlon.”

I will be announcing the “Shining Tiger” of 2014 soon. It will be revealed as soon as the trophy arrives. Oh yes, there is a trophy!

The award is intended to recognize an inspiring person in the triathlon community who has demonstrated strength of character, enthusiasm, empathy and courage. This individual will be honored for their significant contributions to triathlon through authentic acts motivated out of an inner passion and dedication for the sport.

Who am I to create and present an award and one of such magnitude? Who am I to formally honor the love and brightness that another athlete brings to the triathlon table? Well, I’m simply a triathlete.

I am nobody and that is why it makes sense. I have no outside agenda.  I do have a semi-wide circle of contacts in the sport from being a social media nerd so I have a suitable pool to find a worthy recipient annually. I have far too many athletes that fit this description, in fact. The honoree has actually already been selected. I’m really excited about recognizing the 2014 Shiny Tiger Award for Dedication to Triathlon recipient, so please hold the bribes.

If you’re thinking, “Wow, that sounds prestigious. I want that trophy!” this award is not for you anyway.

If you are thinking, “Well, this is stupid,” please see a therapist. You need to get your head checked because this is awesome.

I will announce the winner once the trophy arrives. Stay tuned and keep on shining.

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