I decided to dust off the juicer I bought last year when I had these visions of becoming a total health food enthusiast.  I thought I’d be waking up early and juicing vegetables frequently for the nutritional benefits.

That happened a few times at first and then I pretty much gave up on the effort and just bought some grocery store OJ instead.  So this weekend, while recovering between my tri training sessions and between normal life & family responsibilities I decided to make juice.  It’s allegedly “cathartic” but I find it to be amusing yet a bit time consuming. However, it led to a yummy looking and drinkable beet juice smoothie…. (Skip to the bottom for the recipe).  I don’t like beet juice and tried cutting it with apples, ginger and carrots but the smoothie with this juice as a key ingredient was excellent.  
Cut up ingredients (boring)
Set up juicer (easy)

 Make juice (fun!)
Cleaning is simple and easier than expected but still not “fun”
Drink juice.   Realize I don’t “like” beet juice.   Make smoothie.  Smoothie is good!
Mix this beet/carrot/apple juice in a blender with: 
Plain Greek yogurt, coconut water, lemon juice, cinnamon and ginger.  I didn’t measure it all out so just use common sense and add proportions to personal taste.  
Next time, I may just use Biotta beet juice with apple juice and pre-cut carrots in the blender to save time.