I should just re-name this blog- Injury Tracker.   It seems I only write when I am injured or terrified of being injured.  I thought I would relax, not turn it into a catastrophe, just remain C-A-L-M next time a little sharp pain popped up.  I thought, hey, I’m different now.  I’ve overcome injury in the past.  I am an ironman.

Nope.  Not the case.  I am really stressing out.  I have some kind of sharp pain in the back of my leg- above my knee- but near the outside.  Maybe it is my hamstring.

I’m tapering for Kinetic.  How did I pull my hamstring (or whatever this may be) during a slow 31 mile bike ride?  I don’t remember it happening.  This is not good.  I iced it yesterday and hoped it would just disappear in the morning.  It is still here.

Kinetic is less than a week away.  What am I going to do?!  I kind of expected to hobble off the marathon course two weeks ago and at that time, I would have been mentally prepared to give up Kinetic.  However, I really took it easy post marathon and had no problems at all….until now.  This is shocking.

Why is this happening?  I really want to do my race next week.  I really don’t want to sit out another gorgeous early summer season.

I don’t know how to manage this.  Normally, I’d take a week off, then test it out.  However, with Kinetic less than a week away- it is ice, over the counter anti-inflam, rest and pray!

Tried and True Injury Plan:

Plan: Sunday- ice, no work out
Monday: ice, no work out- make appt for Tues/Wed if possible
Tuesday: Go to doctor and ignore advice, if advice is don’t race
Wed:  Whine about it
Thursday: Cry and whine about it
Friday:  Pack for race and pretend to be miraculously cured so Nick doesn’t give me a hard time
Saturday: Participate in the race, popping advil like candy and secretly thinking I’m super tough
Sunday: Cry when I’m limping around and have to take the summer off from training

OK, maybe I need a plan B.
Maybe it will disappear tomorrow!