This is it. I am going to be able to train. I will catch up on the bike, and build enough mileage on the run to be ready for the marathon. I am going to compete in Ironman Florida.

Saturday: 36 mile bike- I overslept due to exhaustion from last week (non-training related) and wound up doing loops all alone in the heat, but I stayed aero almost the entire time. I really need to fix my bike fit…my shoulders killed the entire time and the left one is STILL sore. I had issues with it during Kinetic too. I’ve been too busy with the injuries to fix it. My wired bike computer is also failing to read speed or mileage- just cadence. N and I can not figure out what is wrong. Cycling was great though- my leg was behaving beautifully. I love a nice long Saturday brick. I love touching my face and feeling the gritty salt dried onto my skin. I love the heat making workouts more challenging and then feeling the breeze as I glide down the hills. I am so happy to ride outside again.

After Stella (the bike) and I had enough of each other, and my shoulder was screaming, I walked fast for an hour.
Sunday: Swam 1 mile in the pool. My time was slower than normal, but I had plenty of energy to do my first outdoor training run. That’s right. 5 minutes of jogging, 1 minute walking repeated 4 times. This was heaven.
Later in the afternoon, N convinced me to try mountain biking. I had not been on the mountain bike for a few years and I think the last time I wound up flying over the handle bars after crashing into a log. I was very scared driving over to meet the group. I psyched myself out and I wound up letting the group go on ahead of me. I found a quiet, flat dirt road and did about 5 easy miles, then sat by the river until they were done. The last thing I need right now is another injury. I’ll try mountain biking again…after IMFL.