One thing being down and injured has done for me has pushed me towards taking more risks.  “What?!  Isn’t that backwards?  You broke your foot and so shouldn’t you be more careful?” Is a common response. I was already super careful.  However my foot injury was a freak accident in my own hallway.  I might as well just go out and have fun taking risks where it makes sense.  I’ve been such a cautious risk averse triathlete and missed out on all kinds of adventure opportunities in the past as I make sure I’m following my training plan with precision, stretching, getting 7.5 hours of sleep, mapping out all routes in advance  and eating a regimented 200 cal/hour on the bike etc.  A lot of care and a lot of routine dictated my days.  Yet, I still slipped and broke a bone!  Now, I think that I did all those super careful things and still wound up hurt so I might as well throw caution to the wind a tad and remember to have fun and enjoy the process.  So along comes mountain biking.  My hubby likes to MTB so that’s a driving reason to try.  It also just seems like a super chill escape and a playful way to stay fit and improve my bike “driving” (handling) skills.  
I’m looking forward to my next MTB adventure where I’ll be “going clipless” on the MTB the first time.  I feel like a newbie all over again which is refreshing.  I’m not good.. But being “bad” at something is the first step to becoming good.  I’ll be careful out there with a mega dose of carefree mixed in as well.