Every year rather than doing a “resolution” I pick a word that will carry me through the year.

Here are the past few years:
2010 Relax (haha) 2011 Focus, 2012 Resilience 2013 Recover

I’ve even made quirky T-shirts with my word of the year on it.

Now, I know the time to post this would have been conventionally appropriate in January when everyone was buzzing about New Year’s resolutions.  Last month in fact, I discovered another one of my Couer Sports  teammates also has been doing this and asked us all to share our words.  I was excited and inspired because to this point I didn’t know others who came up with a word.  Its on my mind now because this weekend I have a real opportunity to embody the word for this year!

2014 I selected Dauntless.

do not believe it means I have no fear.  It means I will face them head on and be brave in bold as I conquer my goals and chase my dreams.  To have fun and adventure and to grow as a person, some courage and a dauntless attitude will serve me well. 

A quick online definition will show:

 1.  not to be daunted or intimidated; fearless; intrepid; bold: a dauntless hero.

1. undaunted, daring, indomitable, brave, courageous.
fearful, timid.
Tomorrow, I will be racing in the MTB division of the Monster Cross.   It is a 50 mile bike race.  I’ve only been out on the trail once this year and am definitely outside of my comfort zone, but I have confidence in my fitness and although I feel like a complete newbie, I am ready and feeling ….well….dauntless!