It’s been…a while.  I suppose I have been so busy, I had zero time to update.  Every second was planned and filled. 

I once joked that this was the injury tracker… and that may just be true.  It’s when I have a little more time to reflect and write! 

2010 was a year of progress but I saw it as just a hint of what was about to be an incredible 2011 season.  I promise I will get you up to speed on the time gap… and all the fun I had working hard and getting faster.  That was just too awesome to omit…but it will have to be later.  Unfortunately, my recent news is very sad.  

A month ago, I was in a bike crash.  I hit some gravel going into a corner down a fast hill.  I broke poor Stella (my bike), my collarbone…and then i found out my scapula cracked too!  I had a bad concussion, and messed up my jaw so badly that I could not talk without terrible pain for days and could not chew for almost 2 weeks.  I still can’t eat many things and am going to PT for it next week. The worst part was my broken heart over my Ironman CDA dreams shattered.  I have been managing the injury and dealing with the disappointment surprisingly better than expected though. 

The outpouring of support from the people in my life including the Tri community was incredible.  A few days after my hospital stay, I looked at mu EF teams forum online and so many of my teammates had written the most touching messages wishing me a speedy recovery.  One person asked me for my post crash reflection.  Basically, I am it re-posting here.  It’s the best way to explain how I felt in those few days.  Since then, it has been tough, but I am fighting hard to overcome the adversity…and doing great most days. 

“Bob- you just asked a bored, pent up lady on heavy painkillers for a reflection?  Here goes… and this was typed one handed on my iphone with my thumb.  killed like 1 or 2 hours maybe… should have timed it with my garmin!

1.  Always wear your helmet and glasses.  Make sure helmet fits and is being worn correctly.  Refuse to ride with anyone who won’t put one on… I saw how bashed in my helmet was… cracked and everything and I STILL had a huge hematoma and bad concussion.  That helmet saved my life. 

2. Now that the helmet lecture is over… I would say this has made me realize even more how wonderful this team and the tri community really is.  Tri seems so individualized, but the connections I have been able to make with people who also love to Tri makes our sport so special.  I always knew and embraced this concept, but even more so now that I have had this hardship.  I DREAD asking for support and help… But I haven’t even had to!! The outpouring of support has meant so much to me! This is def more than just pushing our physical limits… it’s also about connecting with each-other and making strong bonds…but while we all get faster and stronger of course. 

3.  Enjoy every instant of training and racing.  I wanted the perfect ironman  this year… and although it is cut short and IMCDA won’t be my race… I honestly enjoyed it all.  I am of course very disappointed, but I guess I am coming to terms with not being able to do the race easier because I am realizing the race… would have been one amazing day… But the journey there is also so incredibly rewarding. Recognizing the path to the race and looking at the whole experience thus far makes me feel better.   The past few months were fun!  Until the fall,  I was even loving the ride on Sat- the company, the hills, the route, working on my form (big circles)!  That was all so fun.  Even the worst days of training…I was learning something and making progress.  

4. Gosh, I got upset sometimes when it was too windy or I was too sore or not in the right heart rate zone… but today… I would rather be uncomfortable on a chilly bike ride or swimming hard but coming up short of my target than being stuck on the couch with broken bones on heavy painkillers unable to chew food.  I dont think I will whine as much when I am healed from this.  I will have seen a reason to whine vs just being silly!

Obviously, this will heal and when it does… I plan to remind myself I am lucky to be able to train… Even in tough conditions or on off days.

5. You all better race and train hard and enjoy it!!!  I can not… So please train focused and driven for me.  And share those experiences with all of us!  Enjoy every instant of your training and everything triathlon offers us.  

6. Don’t crash. “