Which athlete inspires you?  Who encourages you?  Who keeps you motivated in triathlon?  Who holds you to higher standards?  Let me know about them at Kelly@everracing.com and they could receive recognition.  Details Below!

Is there a triathlete in your life who is passionate, encouraging and empowers others in triathlon? Yes?  You can nominate them for a playful yet prestigious award!  Let their story be known!  

The 3rd Annual Shining Tiger Award for Dedication to Triathlon

Yes, this really is an award and an awesome one at that.  It is meant to be a fun, low key way to celebrate those who inspire us in triathlon and share stories of impressive people doing good things in triathlon.

The award is intended to recognize an inspiring person in the triathlon community who has demonstrated strength of character, enthusiasm, empathy and courage. This individual will be honored for their significant contributions to triathlon through authentic acts motivated out of an inner passion and dedication for the sport. 

You can nominate ANYONE you want.  It is up to you as long as they are inspiring and you believe they meet the ideals!  As a guide for those new to this…

Shining Tigers are generally…

Unique Individuals: They are fearless in the pursuit of their own triathlon journey and they encourage others to do the same.  They do this by marching to the beat of their own drum, so to speak.  

Encouraging:  They inspire, empower and motivate others in triathlon.  They do this while living their personal dreams out in the sport and enabling others to do the same.

Leaders and Role Models:  “They” say you don’t have to have a title to be a leader and in this case “they” are actually correct.  They are positive forces!

Inclusive:  Shining Tigers are self assured enough to know that everybody comes to the starting line with a different story and a different purpose.  Shining Tigers celebrate that.  Different people coming together with various goals is part of what they love about triathlon.  

NOT Coveting This Award:  No self nominations are accepted.  Seriously.  This award is for those who have natural motivation to do good things.  They don’t need the award prompting what they give.

What is in it for the award winner?

This is a low key award meant to infuse positivity and to spread positive triathlon stories to keep us motivated in the off season.

The shining tiger will receive:

  • Satisfaction that they have made a difference in the triathlon community.
  • A trophy and a highlight of their story on this triathlon blog.
  • The choice to join a committee of past recipients to select future winners.

We use a committee of past award winners who chose to participate to keep the neutral spirit of the award alive.  Although started on my blog it is an award from the heart of the triathlon community.  I will continue to post fun facts periodically about this award as we accept nominations over the next month.   Deadline is 12/15 but please do not wait.

Email me the nominee’s name, contact information and why you would like to nominate them.  You can nominate your friend by emailing me at Kelly@everracing.com or filling out this form.

Some HISTORY for those curious:

A few years ago (well before I founded Ever Racing or lived in VT) I grew frustrated with some politics in triathlon. I realized having my eyes open wider to the inspiring acts by other athletes was helping to restore my joy in the sport.  I came up with an amusing name and the idea for a fun award over beers and burgers one day.   When I announced it on social media it really took off!

Please join the fun and nominate a friend…just because you care.

The Shining Tiger Award for Dedication to Triathlon Original Intro 2014