This season is not over by ANY means but we are already brewing up some exciting training ideas that will get tremendous RESULTS while maintaining the fun of training come winter.  Although this “pumpkin spiced August” and GOT reminds us that “winter is coming”  I am not down about it because I cannot wait to roll out our winter programs.

Have some fun with the Cycling Power Wheel to add an element of surprise to your training!  You can check it out below!

I am waiting for our athlete survey results to come back so I can be sure everything we roll out at Track Cat is perfect for our athletes and friends!

We must do hard work in order to obtain strong results.  That hard work does not have to suck the life out of you!  Part of our training WILL include team accountability, challenges and yes….games!

On a day when you are ready for some tempo or threshold work on the bike surprise yourself with the Cycling Power Wheel.

Grab your favorite sports drink, warm up… then…

Spin the Cycling Power Wheel and go for a spin!!


The Ever Racing Cycling Power Wheel

Interested in a super fun winter program that will get you results?  Send me a note!

Looking for more cycling session ideas before our winter program starts?  Check out our sampler!

If you need a good warm up I like these:

15 to 20 minutes build into mid point z2 with 3 x 1 minute moderate to hard efforts in the middle and plenty of recovery between.

OR 15 to 20 minute building into mid point z2 with 4 x 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds off in the middle.

Then….let lady luck decide your fate.

We would love to hear how this went.  If you are on our Ever Racing Training Room athlete page on Facebook please share what you did and how it went!