Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?

They say New Year’s Resolutions often times do not last past January.  These lofty visions we set out to achieve can be exciting.   They could also be challenging if we are not properly motivated or if the time of year just is not ideal for embarking on these changes.  I certainly encourage a mindful goal setting process or making positive changes in your life.  Giving yourself a theme or a “Power Word” to guide your choices this year can help!
Select one word, your power word to carry you through the entire year.  This is a word that matters to you and motivates you.  It can be your mantra, your reminder and your inspiration for the next 365 days.  It can supplement your resolutions or replace them altogether.
October is when I am in triathlon season planning mode and setting big goals.  By the time January rolls around I’m not usually in a place to make new “resolutions” that will stick.  Instead, I simply choose a word in January to guide me.  A power word is simple yet meaningful.
The power words I have selected include Focus, Unrelenting, Believe, Connections, Courage, Dauntless, Thrive and Resilience.  I let this word guide me all year long.
Last year my word was “Thrive” and I brought that theme with me through tumultuous changes, and in tough situations and remembered that I could thrive.  I could rise above it all.  I was ready to thrive in life, in sport and in my work. I look back at last year and I know that I was thriving through anything life handed my way.

How do you choose YOUR Power word?  Write (or type) your answers to 5 simple questions.

1. What do YOU want more of in your life?  
2. What would you like to have accomplished at this time next year? 
3. Why do you wish to achieve that?
4. How will that make you feel? 
5.  What fuel, energy or tone will you need to make these things happen for yourself? 
Reflect upon your answers.  What word summarizes what you need for the upcoming year?
Write it down!  Put it on a T-Shirt!  Put it on a sticky note.  Create a vision board with this theme if you’re a creative type.
What did you come up with?  I want to hear!  To the first 5 people who share their word with us on social media, I’ll even make you a fun picture quote.
My 2017 word?  I’ll share with you.  I’ve chosen Unstoppable! as my personal 2017 Power Word.  I have all kinds of exciting ideas for 2017.  I will need a lot of motivation to work hard and to make things happen.  I need to remember to maintain momentum every day and to move through, around and over obstacles.  That is why I selected Unstoppable!